Rafael Nadal

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Rafael Nadal

A.) Known by many as “Rafa”, Rafael Nadal is one of the top-ranked tennis players in the world today. B.) He has a combined record of 120-43, and doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses and is compared to tennis legends like Andre Agassi and Bjorn Borg. C.) His childhood, and his achievements this far has made him who he is today, and as stated on Forbes.com, “Nadal is the number 16 highest paid athlete with endorsements worth 25 million dollars.” Transition:

Let’s start with his roots.
Main point 1 –
Nadal was born in Majorca, Spain on June 3rd, 1986. He began playing tennis and soccer at the age of 3, being coached both by his Uncle Toni. According to The New York Times, “there was a lot more soccer than tennis in Nadal’s childhood. “ His Uncle Toni was a top soccer player for Spain’s F.C Barcelona, and with his experience he trained Rafa to be a great soccer player as well as tennis star. At the age of 11 he decided to quit soccer and totally focus on tennis. He is naturally right handed, but his Uncle Toni forced him to play with his left hand because you can generate more spin that way. By playing left handed it gives Nadal a supreme advantage during his serve. When people serve right handed the ball bounces away from the player, and when people serve left handed the ball spins right into the opponents’ midsection. With majority of the tennis stars being right handed, it makes things very difficult for an opponent of Nadals’ while returning serves. At the age of 15, Rafael was one of the highest ranked juniors in the world, and he jumped into the pro’s becoming one of the youngest players ever to win an ATP tour match. He achieved this when beating Ramon Delgado in Majorca 2002. This made him one 1 out of only 9 players to ever win an ATP match before the age of 16. Transition:

All of his accomplishments at an early age is a precursor for what’s...
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