Radon Gas Emissions

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Radon gas is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the environment, mainly in the soil. It is present in uranium rich rocks and escapes into the air through cracks in the rocks. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. IP- descripcion

Radon can be a potential health hazard if it seeps in large amounts into your house. Long-term exposure to Radon can lead to cancer. (IS-comparación) Smokers face higher health risks than non-smokers from Radon contamination. (IS-contraste)??? Detecting Radon contamination and safeguarding your house from its ill-effects, however, is easy and testing should be regularly undertaken to determine its levels in your area. (IS-comparación) Contamination is more common in the USA and in Europe than in Asia and the Middle-East. Aside from the geologically favorable conditions, there is the cold weather factor. (IS-comparación)???American and European homes are more likely to have tightly sealed, rarely opened windows and perennially shut doors. In comparison, homes in Asia and the Middle-East are likely to have good ventilation throughout, with air circulating freely. (IS-contrast)Contamination is low or negligible in well-ventilated places. On the other hand, it is pretty high in enclosed, poorly ventilated homes. Levels are also high in houses without a basement than in houses with basements. The levels differ from the house to house. Houses in the same neighborhood can show different levels. (IS-ejemplificación)For example, if the contamination levels in your neighbor's house are low, they could still be high on your property or vice versa. So you cannot depend on the check results of the test done on your neighbor's house. Every house has to be inspected on a separate basis. You can either contact a professional service to check the levels in your house or you can do it yourself. (IS- clasificación)???The testing is not difficult, it is done in two ways - either by a passive testing or an active...
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