Radiology Technologist

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Radiology Technologist
Radiology Techs have a big responsibility in the hospital, clinic, or an imaging center. Radiology techs do not only take x-rays, they can also specialize in MRI and CT imaging. The median annual wage for radiology techs was $52,210 in May 2008.(“Radiology Technologists and Technicians”). Most training programs for radiology techs often last 21 to 24 months.(“Radiology Technician Information”).

Radiology technologists perform diagnostic imaging exams like x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Radiology techs take the x-ray, and they also produce the film that the radiologist reads to diagnose medical problems. The radiology tech explains the procedure to the patient, removing jewelry and other articles through which x-rays cannot pass. In the use of a MRI machine the radiology tech will remove any metal off the patient and give them earplugs, because the machine is very loud. They position the patients so that the parts of the body can be appropriately x-rayed. Radiology techs place the equipment at the correct angle and height over the patient. They use instruments to measure the thickness of the section to be x-rayed and set the controls for the x-ray to take the x-ray. They have to follow the physicians orders precisely and watch the radiation levels for the patients, themselves, and their coworkers.(“Radiologic Technologists and Technicians”). Radiology techs also administer materials into the patients bloodstreams for diagnostic purposes. After checking the film for quality, the radiology tech will send it to the radiologist for interpretation.(Murphy). The radiology tech places x-ray film beneath the body part that is being examined and the picture is taken and then the tech develops the x-ray and sends it to the radiologist. Some of the more experienced techs operate more complex imaging equipment like CT and MRI scans. They also maintain patients records and take care of equipment. Some create work schedules, manage...
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