Radiology Technician

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Radiology Technician
Someone breaks a bone and needs to get a cast what do they do? Go to the doctors but in order to get the proper care they must first see the radiographer, who will take x-rays of the injury and show the doctor the results. The doctor will then decide what the best way to treat this situation is. Radiology is an interesting career and has it benefits, but as all occupations it has its downfalls. In order to understand completely what a radiographer does you must first know what all they do, the proper schooling needed in order to excel, and the growth of the field so that it is possible to get into the field easy. Many people are interested in the medical field weather it is because jobs are in constant demand or because the thought of helping out people is appealing; however there are hundreds of different job positions to debate over, one is Radiology Technician. In order to go to school and study radiology technician first one should learn the job specifications and what the job consists of. This is very important so that you know if you are really interested in this field, because if your heart is not in your career than it is not for you. There are many things to consider in this field some are, what this career consists of, the work environment, and further careers. Radiologic technologists and technicians perform diagnostic imaging examination. Radiologic technicians perform imaging examinations such as x-rays, while technologists use other imaging modalities such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and mammography. Radiologic technicians, sometimes referred to as radiographers, produce x-ray films also known as radiographs, of parts of the human body for use in diagnosing medical problems. “X-ray technicians may work in hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices. Other facilities where you may find x-ray technicians are radiology clinics, convalescent homes, and dental offices” (What does an…).  They prepare patients for radiologic examinations by explaining the procedure, removing jewelry and other articles through which x rays cannot pass, and positioning patients so that the parts of the body can be appropriately radiographed. “Technicians are trained to identify problems needing emergency assistance. In such a situation, the x-ray technician will notify a radiologist of his findings immediately so the patient can receive prompt attention” (What does an…).  To prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation, these workers surround the exposed area with radiation protection devices, such as lead shields, or limit the size of the x-ray beam. Radiographers position radiographic equipment at the correct angle and height over the appropriate area of a patient's body. They may measure the thickness of the section to be radiographed and set controls on the x-ray machine to produce radiographs of the appropriate density, detail, and contras, using instruments similar to a measuring tape. Radiologic technologists and technicians must follow physicians' orders precisely and conform to regulations concerning the use of radiation to protect themselves, their patients, and their coworkers from unnecessary exposure. “Since technicians and technologists spend most of their days on their feet and could be required to maneuver disabled patients, physical fitness is essential. They typically perform their duties at imaging equipment, but may do some work at patients’ bedsides. Others go to patients’ homes in large vans equipped with diagnostic imaging equipment” (Radiologic Technologist Radiologist…). This is why it always important to be in shape not just for this job but for health purposes too. This job is very demanding of both time and patience.

This job is very demanding and one must have a lot of patients to excel in this field. It is very demanding of your time. Most radiologic technologists work full time with about forty hour work weeks. “They may, however, have evening, weekend, or...
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