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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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The demand for advanced imaging of internal body issues has been on the rise with the increase of cancer cases in the past decade. This has called for techniques such as mammography, sonography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, MRI, CT scans, industrial radiography, mammography, Interventional radiography and Cardiac Catheterization. Each of these techniques has their own advantages as well as limitations. Because of this, they are often used as ancillaries of each other. However, their significance cannot be deprecated as each of them has its preferred areas of applications.

Sonography (or ultrasonography) is an imaging technique that makes use of ultrasound to construct images of subcutaneous body structures such as tendons, muscles, vessels and joints. An image obtained through sonography is called a sonogram. The professional who performs ultrasonography is called a sonographer. This paper has been written with the intent of defining Sonography, explaining its importance to diagnostic imaging, listing the professional qualifications of a sonographer, discussing the technology used in Sonography and identifying the professional society of a sonographer.

Sonography is preferably used in creating the images of soft issues. This is partly because the frequency of the sound waves can be varied according to the location and nature of the tissue being examined. For instance, superficial structures such as the parathyroid glands, breasts, testes, muscles and tendons are imaged using a high frequency of about 7-18 Megahertz. Such high frequencies guarantee better axial and lateral resolution. Body structures that are located deeper in the body are imaged using lower frequencies that range from 1-6 Megahertz. At these frequencies, greater penetration is ensured (Cobbold, 2007).

Sonography plays a crucial role in the world of medicine. It is used widely in both diagnostic and therapeutic...
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