Radio Technology: Changes That You Can See Through

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  • Published : September 15, 2011
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Changes That You Can See Through
As medical technology advances and life expectancies rise, the role of health care technologists becomes more crucial to the careers in health sciences. Radiology technologists are the crucial part of most radiological procedures because they deal directly with patients to generate medical images requested by doctors. At Yuba College, the radiologic technology program provides education and hands-on training that prepares each individual for the crucial and professional field of radiology. Because radiology is the forefront of modern medicine, necessary changes were made to the Yuba College radiologic technology program in order to enforce regulations and policies that begin the moment a student is accepted and placed on the active waitlist. The newly adopted system requires all students on the waitlist to update their information, such as address, phone number and email, and read the announcements at least twice a month. In fact, students must now sign a contract that states they will update their profile, even if no changes are to be made, and read the announcements at least twice a month in order to be added on the active waitlist. By implementing this policy, it keeps students informed regarding policies and makes the entrance process easier by eliminating students who are no longer interested. If students fail to comply, a warning of being moved to the bottom of the waitlist will take place on the program’s announcement page, A couple years back, a change was made to accommodate participating hospitals and clinics who did not want to risk or jeopardize the confidentiality of their patients by allowing non-employees or untrained volunteers, in this case students, to come in to their place of business and conduct a job observation. According to Angela Willson, the program director, a new online video orientation has been placed on the program webpage that is used to replace the observation. The program...
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