Radio Show

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Question, India Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Class 9th-B
Radio Show
Thyagarajan: Good morning to one and all! Welcome to 99.9 FM AIM radio, All India Masters radio. This is Hari. Nikhil: And myself Nikhil. You almost forgot me there! Anyways, today we bring to you some mind-blowing items ranging from news to jokes and music to speech. Thyagarajan: And do not forget our “meet the star” show where we have two special and important personalities. And we shall start the show with the national song played on the Casio by Parv Saxena. Thyagarajan: And now to continue with our show, we have Shantanu and Dinesh with the news. Nikhil: Well, that’s that. Now we will enjoy some light-hearted comedy by Suriender. Thyagarajan: Well, speaking of jokes I remember an incident. I was talking with my dad and he asked me “what is attention deficit hyperactive disorder?” I had no clue I said “Jimbalakadi Bambalu”. He asked “what? Sorry, I didn’t understand you”. I told him “same here dad”. Nikhil: Well that was great there. Now for some rapid-fire-cricket update. New Zealand is to an awful start with 5/2 in 2.0 overs. Now back to our show. Today call contest question- How many bronze medals did Australia win? To answer this question, call 43999999 and tell them your answer. You have a chance to win Reebok merchandise. Thyagarajan: And for today’s thought- Never make your friend feel alone until you’re alive. Continuing with the show, I invite Musaib to tell his views on “Young Generation of India” Nikhil: Now I invite Rahul to say some words about the environment. Thyagarajan: We will need a short commercial break, so stay tuned to 99.9 FM AIM radio, All India Masters radio. Nikhil: Welcome back, you are listening to 99.9 FM AIM radio, All India Masters radio. This is Nikhil and Hari here. To continue, let us invite Deepak to tell us about Tigers. Thyagarajan: We have a traffic update here. There is a traffic jam in the NH24 highway. If you are going to Delhi, please go around sector-22. To relax a bit, let us...
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