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School of Radio & Television Arts

BDC 979: Radio Production

Winter 2011

Professor: Lori Becksteadext. 6030email: Office Location:RCC 124 (enter via RCC 104)
Office Hours: No specific office hours. I’m more than happy to set up a time to meet with you anytime…just email or call to set something up.

Teaching Assistant:Kevin Konarczewskiext. 7525 email: [pic]
About the Course
Course Description from the Ryerson University Undergraduate Calendar: The course will explore commercial and public radio programming and production. Radio advertising and formats will be explored. Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills in these areas by planning and producing content that reflects various formats and target demographics.

Time, Location & Format
Tuesdays 10am – 1pm, RCC 162
The class will be delivered through a combination of lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and practical workshop modes.

Course Goals (Learning Outcomes):

Students will:
• Develop an appreciation for the role of radio in media and society; • Develop radio production skills in studio recording, editing, mixing and live studio operations; • Develop creative content for radio;

• Learn about radio formats and target audiences;
• Build team-work and collaborative skills.


Weekly Outline

|Week |Topic/Activities |Assignment Due | |Week 1 |Intro to course | | |Jan 11 |Radio Formats & the Toronto Radio Market | | | |Discuss Station Branding Package assignment | | | |Assigned Reading: Characteristics of the Medium | | |Week 2 |Discuss assigned reading |Reading Response | |Jan 18 |Discuss Radio Show assignments – form groups | | | |Workshop: ProTools production techniques | | |Week 3 |Listen & critique Station Branding Packages |Station Branding Package | |Jan 25 |Live radio – approaches & techniques | | | |Workshop: review studio operations | | |Week 4 |Discuss Event Promo Package assignment | | |Feb 1 |Radio Production: examples & techniques | | | |Workshop: ProTools production techniques II | | |Week 5 |Radio shows live to air |Radio Show 1 | |Feb 8 |Assigned Reading: Radio Drama | | |Week 6 |Listen & critique Event Promos |Event Promo Package Reading Response | |Feb 15 |Radio Drama | | | |Assigned Listening: Afghanada episode |...
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