Radio Cab Business

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Radio Cab Business

The radio cabs business has emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses in the Indian transportation section. Addressing the concern of safety and hassled fares, radio cabs entered the Delhi transportation sector half a decade ago. The service delivered by radio cabs is highly reliable. Public transport in Delhi has not turned out to be quite reliable both in terms of safety and efficiency. Taxi transportation system in Delhi is characterized by a scarcity of reliable taxi services, well-behaved drivers and proper faring processes both for local residents and tourists. As the government did not address the taxi problem appropriately, private players identified the high potential market for the “radio cabs” and captured it quite efficiently. The demand for such cabs have been increasing at a high rate in the metros and other big cities as the corporate executives, software professionals, tourists and the moneyed strata of Delhi looks for faster and effective transport system. Today, radio taxi service has solved this problem to a laudable extent and is providing satisfying cab services to the travellers. The herculean task of calling a taxi to get to the airport is turned out to be just a click away in the radio cab’s booking website or a call away by dialing the number. Radio Cabs cater to the major chunk of the commuters of Delhi from/to airport, railway stations etc. The radio cab business has tremendous potential for growth in India as the transport needs of the corporate world – and even of middle-class and affluent Indians – grow more sophisticated. With most cities facing enormous parking problems, many residents would prefer to call up – or SMS – a call centre to summon a radio taxi for the purpose of visiting a shopping mall, a beauty saloon, or even to attend a late-night cocktail party. This option scores higher points over wasting time in search of parking space for your own vehicle, or negotiating treacherous snarls on a leisurely weekend. The business is booming in a huge way in India with versatile private operators both national and international investing tremendous money in setting up the call centers, acquiring fleets of new cars, and incorporating latest technologies in their vehicles. The drivers are provided with rigorous training for interacting with the customers from the good institutes. It has proved to be the win-win situation for government, radio cab companies, chauffeurs and the most importantly passengers. Radio Cabs has filled in a gap in Delhi’s transport system. The radio taxi business is taking off in a big way in India, with several private operators investing large sums in setting up call centres, acquiring a fleet of new cars, incorporating latest gadgets in their vehicles and hiring trained drivers. The radio cabs business has emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses in the Indian transportation sector. In the past, passengers at airports, railway stations and bus terminals, or those wanting transport at odd hours of the day had to depend on unreliable public taxis, often having to pay much more than the stipulated rates. Cabbies often fleece out-station passengers landing at airports, many are rude and some even join hands with criminals to loot the newcomers. Those travelling to airports and railway stations – both on work and vacation – had to depend on unreliable public taxis. Driver performance is monitored through customer feedback and Global Positioning System (GPS) module fitted in the car.The back-end systems of the operators are quite advanced. Once you make a call to the call centre, a taxi is allotted to you via an algorithm, which calculates not only the taxi closest to you, but also the amount of business that a particular taxi has done, and then sends a request to a few drivers to "bid" for the fare. This is done through the Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled computer module on the drivers' dashboard, which...
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