Radio and Redefined Television Viewing

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Life Without television.

p Television and its effects on children

Television has become a very important aspect of media at homes , for all generations . With their ability to cater to the needs of all sections and its availability 24 hours a day , has resulted in almost everyone getting hooked to it for varied reasons and durations . The increasing number of TV channels , have only redefined television viewing , with many TV channels exclusively devoted to specific subjects or groups like news , music , fashion , technology and of course children . The developments in technology have not only made

televisions cheaper , but also the possibility of transmitting globally . It is difficult to imagine a life without television today

However television is not without its drawbacks particularly with children . According to a home survey by Annenberg , a child in the US spends about 25 hours per week on an average in front of the television This includes the use of VCR too . Spending more time with television results in lesser time with homework and social interaction , leading to poor school performance . Late night TV watching exhausts children and they cannot concentrate in school the next day . Television promotes negative and violent behavior in children through its programs . Even programs aimed specifically for children involve violence . It has been estimated that an average child would watch about 8000 murders in TV before completing elementary school

Only very few programs aim at providing relevant academic skills to children . However children spend considerably less time watching programs dedicated to education like mathematics...
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