Radio 1970's Until Now

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  • Published: February 22, 2013
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Linda Freed
History of the American Music Industry
November 2012

The Modern Ways of Listening to Music

Radio has been around for a very long time. The first radio was invented in 1895. It has since been a popular way to enjoy music, shows, news, weather, sports and more. There are many great things about radio. For example, you can listen to it in the car, you can be exposed to music that you wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to listen to and it is free. The reason that Radio Stations are able to produce free radio shows is that radio contains an overwhelming amount of commercials. These commercials are also one of the reasons why people chose not to listen to radio. Americans have been, and are still searching for a way to get free music and TV without having to pay or listen to/watch commercials. Over the years these has been several alternative ways of listening to music for free or for money. Some of the most popular alternatives are Napster, iTunes, YouTube and Pandora.

Napster came out as a peer to peer file sharing website in 1999 (Walker, 8). Napster was originally a website that allowed people to download music that others had uploaded to the website for free. So we were able to download and instantly listen to any song at any time, commercial free for free. Why would we bother to listen to the radio that is infested with commercials when we can listen to whatever we want whenever we want, commercial free for free? It turns out that file sharing over the internet like on is illegal! Every time people would download a song from they were breaking the law committing copyright infringement. The recording industry did not like what was doing. was providing the public with recordings without having to buy them. The recording industry does not take it lightly when there music is being shared and the record label is not being paid for it. Several individual artists as well as the...
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