Radical Feminists Question Relevance of Consent to Morality of Sexual Acts: Igor Primoratz

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Primoratz writes that “…radical feminists typically question the very relevance of consent to the morality of sexual acts.”
Rape is to be quite frank, the lowest and most demeaning act a man can do to a woman. Most would say that rape is physically forcing a woman to engage in a sexual act against her will. Radical feminists take a hard stance against this and believe most “normal” sex is to be included when discussing rape.

Feminists argue that the very social fiber of our society in which there is inequality of men and women needs to be changed. Men use sex as a form of control, a way to oppress women. Consent becomes irrelevant as women are not on equal ground. Feminists, who want legitimate sex, say that to have such would require major change in the social position of women.

Catherine A Mackinnon says that’s in our society sexuality is “a social construct of male power: defined by men, forced on women, and constructive of the meaning of gender.” She believes that all sex ranging from normal consensual sex, prostitution to pornography, and sexual harassment and rape is all showcasing the dominance of women by men.

Women are often engaging in sex that they do not feminists argue that even with consent women will agree to sex for the purpose of pleasing a man, or to improve social acceptance.
When a woman has sex with a man and does not want it, when she acts under compulsion, Feminists argue that this is rape. Morgan states “Rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it is not being initiated by the woman out of her own genuine affection and desire.” Feminists claim that sure they may not be under the threat of a knife to the throat but they are nonetheless threatened and as such these situations can be called rape. Such acts may not fall under the same umbrella as what is known as traditional rape, it is rape just the same.

Wertheimer points out that a sexual offense is basically nonconsensual touching or bodily contact. This type...
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