Radiant Red Rock

Topics: Zion National Park, Virgin River, Geology Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: March 14, 2013

Radiant Red Rock
One of the most unique and special National Parks to me is Zion in Utah. The Colorado Plateau region lies along the side of Zion. This Park is very beautiful and has many different attributes to it but with out a doubt its red dirt and mountains are wonders. Zion is 229 square miles (147,551 acres) and has around 75 species of mammals, 271 birds, 32 reptiles and amphibians, 8 fish. The rock layers have been through so much; for example, they have been uplifted, tilted, and eroded, forming a feature called the Grand Staircase. This incredible landmark also carries the Virgin River right through it. My experiences at Zion have been only but amazing, I have learned so much and enjoy being surrounded by such a radiant red rock. I have found that this park has much history to still be found. What I have come across to be most interesting at this National Park is the Virgin River, Checkerboard Mesa and the Sedimentation taken place. The Narrows of Zion Canyon Beyond the north end of Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, the North Fork of the Virgin River flows for about 16 km (10 mi) through a spectacular gorge cut (which is an incredible site to be see!) into Navajo Sandstone. The Virgin River and its responsible for carving Zion National Park and the Virgin River Gorge. When it rains really hard the Virgin River turns into a dirt brown color. This is because the sediment from the red sandstone and the top-soil is brought downstream. This geological phenomenon was created and caused by an unknown large increase in a sediment load that over helmed the park. Then rain hits the ground, mixes with the soil, and splashing fine sediments dissolve minerals into the ground. When this occurs, the surface may come into contact with some of it through cracks, or by going through the thin mountain soil, which slowly forms into a river. The Virgin River is extremely unique and has its own special way of running though the hearts of many....
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