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Table of Contents

1. Market Description
a. Target Market 4
b. Company’s Position5
c. Major Segmentations6
d. Why Customers Buy Radhuni Powdered Spices7

2. Product Review
a. Product8
b. Images of Products9
c. Prices11
d. Product Life Cycle12
e. Implementation of Product13
f. Brand Share14

3. Review of Competition
a. Major Competitors15
b. 4 Ps of Competitors18

4. Review of Distribution20

5. Threats & Opportunities Analysis
a. SWOT Analysis21
b. Problems22
c. Solutions22

6. Objectives & Issues
a. Company’s Mission Statement23
b. Company’s Marketing Objectives23

7. Conclusion24

Target Market:
Initially for target the market we will go for women who are living in urban areas. In this case, we followed geographic segmentation and the demographic segmentation as well. They can be either housewives or service holders. The causes behind of targeting urban women are – First- The price of the product, as the price of this product is a bit high which is only affordable by the urban people. Because we all know that the people of urban are relatively rich then the rural people. Second- Use of quality product, in this case urban people are more quality conscious then the rural people. Third- In urban areas generally people are busy with various activities. So they are very much unwilling to buy raw spice and get bored of doing a manual process. In this situation ready mix spice is like a magic for them. Fourth- The people of urban areas are not getting pure and quality powdered spice in the market. So, Radhuni Powdered spices are assuring the people of urban that they are giving them pure and qualified products. In this situation it will be a great way for the urban people of getting fresh and pure powdered spice without any harassment. Fifth - The service holder women are very busy with their jobs and other activities. They have limited time for cooking. So at this moment ready mix spice will be very much attractive and convenient for them. Sixth - Women can easily avoid their physical blending process by using this powdered spice. This will save their energy and time.

Company’s Position:
Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the target market’s mind. This is something about creating awareness about the product or position the brand “RADHUNI” by the desire of the target consumer. SQUARE is the name of quality, where consumers can get pure and quality products without any hesitation. “RADHUNI” is a brand of Square Consumer Products Ltd which is used for cooking. So the consumer might think about the taste and how conveniently it can be used. Square Consumer Products Limited has accomplished a number of notes worthy feats since its journey began. These are listed below: YearIntroduced Brand

2001Square Consumer Products Limited introduced Radhuni and Ruchi in July, 2001 in the market. •Products at the time of launching were Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder and Ruchi Chanachur (Regular).

2002Square Consumer Products Limited started exporting to South Korea. 2005The company obtained ISO 9001:2000 certifications for its Quality Management System. •SME Award 2005 for Best Medium / Corporate Management.

2009Square Consumer Products Ltd introduced its third brand “Chashi” in July 2010The company obtained ISO 22000 certification for its food safety management systems requirement for organization in the food chain.

In this case the difference is...
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