Rad Rapid Apliacation Developmnent

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Rapid Application Development

What is RAD and what does it involve?
Rapid Application Development, or RAD for short, is a method of developing software with the minimum amount of planning; this allows the programme or software to be completed much faster than traditional software development. The two most popular RAD systems are Visual Basic and Delphi.

In what circumstances would RAD be used and why?
RAD would be used when the programme would be under a heavy time constraint, therefore needs to be completed quickly.

What is Prototyping and in what ways is it used in RAD?
Prototyping is an early sample or model of a programme in the purpose to test its uses and to test its usability. Prototypes are often learned from when producing future programmes. In RAD prototypes are produced before the final programme to see if it meets the requirements. Prototypes can then be brought into new programmes to save time and money in production.

What are the advantages of using prototypes?
The advantages of using prototypes is that you can make sure your programme is correct and meets requirements before producing the final product. Its main advantage is that it saves time and money when producing future programmes, as you know that the prototype works correctly.

What is iterative development?
Iterative development is a development technique where the process of: Testing=>Analysing=>Refining
And this process repeats until the programme is up to the desired standard. This ensures that your programme has as little faults and errors as possible.

What is the waterfall method and what are the stages?
The waterfall model is a process of development where the stages “flow” from top to bottom, like a waterfall. The stages are:
Testing and debugging

Compare RAD and the Waterfall method giving advantages and disadvantages of each. RAD development is fast and...
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