Racist During Ww2

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 2 (903 words) Published: May 18, 2008
World War Two was a time of mixed signals coming from the American society concerning racial issues with African Americans. The government was trying to unite the black and white communities to help with the war effort, while the people had different opinions on what should happen. The government also created an agency that would help relieve some of the racial tension between whites and blacks. Riots were started and took the lives of many inocent individuals. Not only was the government and society trying to figure everything out, Hollywood got involved and tried to make blacks more prevalent in movies. Overall, during the time of the war, very little was accomplished to help ease any racial tension between the two majority groups in the United States. Prior to the war, blacks were predominantly a poor race. The colored society held most of the jobs that involved field labor, maids, and low level food preparation. Blacks were also only earning $0.40 to every $1.00 that the whites were earning. Most African-Americans also couldn’t afford to vote because of the voting tax that was established by most of the southern states. The North was also segregated. The southern states went as far as having laws that made authorities and citizens segregate blacks away from the whites. Unlike the South, the North didn’t have any laws that made it manditory to segregate whites and blacks. The United States was at war with the Axis powers abroad and also had a race war going on in their backyard. The “Double V” campaign was the name given to the multi front war taking place. The majority of the white society wanted a victory abroad while atleast half of the black society wanted a victory over racism at home. The government created an agency known as The Office of War Information(OWI). The OWI was established as a mediator between the information going on in the war, and what they released to the public. It was basically a race inspired propaganda agency...
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