Racism, the Most Defeaning Noise

Topics: Culture, Stereotype, Ethnic stereotype Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Racism, The Most Deafening Noise
Sarah Awada
Writing Studies 101
Mrs. Sana Sayed
09 December 2012

Racism, The Most Deafening Noise
Racism has existed for centuries all over the world. The hatred of one towards the other has lead to this unfair situation, where one gets left out if he/she is different. It's not one's fault that one is black in a white society, or if one is bold for having cancer. Nowadays, people are getting judged for all sorts of ascribed statuses, such as gender, race or even the way one looks like. If one had the chance to change his/herself, every person on earth will become perfect, but nobody is flawless. Before judging others, one should look at one's self first. The Dictator is a movie, released in 2012, that reinforces gender and racial stereotypes of Arabs because it exaggerates cultural stereotypes, and it depicts Arabs as nefarious, dirty, and moronic.

Arabs are thought of as corrupted, nasty people, with irrational traditions. Until today, the twenty first century, most of the Americans think that Arabs murder their daughters because they only want male heirs. In a part of the movie, Aladeen, the main character, helps a lady give birth in a store; when the baby gets born, Aladeen says, "It's bad news, It's a girl, where's the trash can?" (Charles, 2012). By the end of the movie, when Aladeen realizes that his wife is pregnant, he asks, "Are you getting a boy or are you getting an abortion?" (Charles, 2012). This does not exist in the Arab world. It may have been present thousands of years ago, where there was no technology and where people lived in deserts, but nowadays Arabs have reached the highest levels of education.

Arabs are not only depicted as rude people, but as lousy perverts as well. At the beginning of the movie, Aladeen couldn't get through one night without sleeping with a lady. He had a habit of taking a picture with every single woman he sleeps with. They then show us how he adds a...
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