Racism Speech

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Black people Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 3, 2008
For years a disease has plagued this nation like AIDS does Africa, I bet you are wondering what this disease is. You probably thought it was cured with the exception of a few breakouts every few years. The reviving disease I'm talking about is racism I have been followed and hassled by sales clerks in convience stores for as long as I can remember. The color of my skin has caught the eye of many who think my sole intention is to steal from their stores. They think that because I'm black I have no money to make a purchase. The clerks could care less about helping me find what I need as they should. Someone once said the customer is always right - as long as the customer is white. As a matter of fact what happened in Jena, Louisiana is a perfect example of good ole' southern racial justice. There had been racial tensions at the small town's high school that eventually reached a boiling point when a group of black students decided to sit under the "white tree" - a location on campus where historically only white students had gathered. The white students responded to the incident by hanging three nooses from the tree. The situation worsened from there until this past December 4th when a white student allegedly called a group of Black students "Niggers." The Blacks responded by knocking the white student down and punching and kicking him. But instead of treating the incident as a normal high school fight which might result in suspensions, the local prosecutor decided to charge the Black students with aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder. It is unfortunate that people find a way to hate people who are different from themselves. Many of the less intelligent of the country have attitudes about other races. Some of the truly ignorant southern people hate blacks, but they don't seem to discriminate since they hate Jews as well. There are whites who find a way to diminish Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and Orientals or anyone who looks or acts different....
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