Racism: Race and Racial Supremacy

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Sociology, Racism Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: October 17, 2010
The Racialized Social System

1)What does Bonilla-Silva mean by conventional views of racism take an idealist approach? Idealist philosophy assumes that ideas are root of social action. The conventional view: race and ethnicity defines racism as a doctrine of racial supremacy, that one race is superior. People regard racism as a phenomenon fundamentally rooted at the level of ideas. 2)What is his main argument against this idealist approach to racism and how is his perspective different? (p.22) Racism is defined as a set of ideas or beliefs. Beliefs are regarded as having the potential of leading individuals to develop prejudice, defined as attitudes toward an entire group of people. Prejudiced attitudes may induce individuals to real actions or discrimination against racial minorities

3)Explain in your own words, the racialized social system approach (p. 36) Refers to societies in which economic, political, social, and ideological levels are partially structured by the placement of actors in racial categories or races. Races typically are identified by their phenotype, but the selection of some human traits to designate a racial group is always socially rather than biologically based. 4)Explain what is meant by racialized social relations

The placement in racial categories involves some form of hierarchy that produces definite social relations among the races. The race placed in the superior position tends to receive greater economic remuneration and access to better jobs and prospects in the labor market, occupies a primary position in political system, granted higher social estimation. 5)Explain the difference in racial domination during the pre-Civil Rights period and the post-Civil Rights period according to Bonilla-Silva. How do they operate differently and what is constant? The domination of blacks in the US was achieved through dictatorial means during slavery, but in the post-civil rights period this domination has been hegemonic (control)....
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