Racism on Trial

Topics: United States, Mexican American, New Mexico Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: January 28, 2009
Racism on Trial Ian F. Haney-López Tyler Turbenson There were many forms of Mexican Americanism and different goals that Mexican Americanism strived to achieve. Two of the most important goals for Mexican Americans born in the wake of the Mexican American Era, were equality and social mobility through education. Albert Einstein stated it best when he said, “The only remedies against race and prejudice are enlightenment and education. This is a slow and painstaking process.” This in fact is what the Mexican-Americans coveted. They strived to break-down the glass ceilings that were socially holding them back from achieving their dreams. The Mexican-American movement embodied the tearing down of social obstacles that made it impossible for them to rise up through corporate America in their professional careers and the hierarchy of life. This is a battle that Mexican-Americans are fight to this day. The quest for justice and yearn for equality never ends. The roots of the Mexican American era began years before the 1930’s however it is apparent in Rosales book Chicano that the 1930’s is when full-fledged Mexican Americanization began. There was a shift towards this identity for many Mexicans in America at the time. The league of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) dominated this era which has a continued impact on today’s current America. LULAC originated in Corpus Christi, Texas and helped Mexican Americans make gains toward equality and better economic welfare. LULAC was an iconic symbol of the Mexican American Era. Works Cited Bibliography: Haney López, Ian F. Racism on Trial: The Chicano Fight for Justice. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003. “Struggle in the Fields” Video 10/30/2008. Testimonio: A Documentary History of the Mexican American Struggle for Civil Rights. Houston: Arte Público Press, 2000.
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