Racism in William Auditorium

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Name: Laila Alhuzaim
Date: September 5, 2012
Class: BLAW 421-001
Professor: Karen Nash
Extra Credit
On Wednesday, August 29th of 2012, David Pilgrim had a lecture about racism in William Auditorium from 6pm to 7:30 pm. Pilgrim is a sociology professor at Ferris State University (FSU) and the co-founder of Jim Crow (JC) museum at FSU. It took him 15 years to build the JC museum and collect its pieces. In the lecture, Pilgrim mentioned lessons to learn from the JC museum. The main lesson is to understand racism and to fight it. Pilgrim mentioned that there are people that might misunderstand the idea behind the JC museum and think that it promotes racism. For that, he put a considerable amount of time making lectures to explain the main aim for the museum. The museum attracted people from all over not only the nation but also from all around the world. People who came to the museum from far away wanted to study the sociology aspects that is found in the object that the museum present. Pilgrim pursues his lecture with pictures for the museum and the different objects that it displays. Inside the museum, a display for the KKK group, the idea behind that is to talk about the different racial groups. He wanted to recreate the history timeline for racism so people would understand the sociology aspect of racism. In the museum, there are many arts that portray racism and others that fight it. There are many stories in the JC museum that tells the struggles that African American went through. The civil right movement's objects are Pilgrim favorite. Moreover, pilgrim manly collected all the objects that support racism from past. Also, there are the objects that are recently produced that promote racism democratically than any other time. The museum portray a cloud of witness that have a picture for everyone who fought against racism white or black person such as Malcolm X. The museum tells the story of the racial caste system that used...
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