Racism in the Media in the United States

Topics: Sociology, Racism, Typeface Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: March 14, 2012
In this research paper you will identify a social problem/issue related to contemporary racial and ethnic inequality in the United States and research all that you can about that problem. You will explore in your paper:

What is the problem/issue?
How is the problem defined from a sociological perspective (meaning, what are the social and cultural causes of the problem)? How do you know it's a problem? What is the evidence? What racialized/ethnic/underrepresented group(s) is/are impacted? How are they impacted? How does the problem relate to Beverly Daniel Tatum’s definition of racism, particularly in relation to institutional policies and practices? What institutions are involved?

Use the “Four themes of institutional racism” to help you evaluate how institutions perpetuate the problem. Be sure to discuss the historical processes within the relevant institutions that have led up to the contemporary conditions. How are cultural messages relevant to the problem?

How is privilege relevant to the problem?
Be sure to integrate sociological concepts from the course and define and cite terms you use. Write in essay form - e.g., don't just answer the above questions - arrange your essay such that the above questions are answered, but don't just list the answers out 1, 2, etc.

Minimum references required: Two books and two scholarly journals. Be sure to ask me if you have questions about what "scholarly" means. You may use additional sources, but it would be best to ask me also about the quality and reliability of the sources.

Cite references and include a "References" section at end of paper (not included in page number requirement (see ASA format)

Format: 4-6 full pages, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 10-12 point Times New Roman or Arial font (or something comparable)

Your grade (out of 200 points) will be based on how well you:

-define and explain the problem from a sociological perspective (and show how group(s)...
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