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Racism in the 1930s

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1930’s: Racism in the southern states

In the 1930’s, many black people lived in the southern states. During that time, racism reached its highest point. For instance, the whites treated the blacks very poorly because they thought that the blacks were lower than them. Therefore, the blacks had to fight for the right to be treated equally. As a result, black people had to face the Jim Crow Laws and the Ku Klux Klan.

During the 1930’s, black people had to suffer through the Jim Crow Laws. For instance, many Christian ministers said that the white people were the chosen people and the black people were the hated ones that were to be servants and were not to be treated equally. The black people were not treated equally because the white people thought that the blacks were lower than them. For example, a black male could not shake hands with a white male because it would look like they were socially equal. A black male may also be accused of rape if he shakes hands with a white woman. Another example is that black and white people were not supposed to eat together. However, if they did eat together, white people were always going to be served first. There would also always be some kind of divider placed between the black and white people so that they were separated. In addition, to keep the black and white people separated, there would be signs showing where black people were allowed to go. For instance, sometimes there would be a sign showing that only white people were allowed in a certain rest room. This shows that black people, who break the Jim Crow Laws such as drinking from the water fountain that was only for white people or trying to vote, risked their homes, their jobs, and even their lives. This also shows that white people could physically beat blacks with freedom. In addition, black people hardly had any choices against these assaults because the Jim Crow criminal justice system was all white people. If black people are treated equally,...

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