Racism in English Football

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  • Published : August 11, 2010
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English Football Racism
Have you ever stopped to think if racism is really over? Do the black people or any minority get looked at equally? These are questions that have risen in recent English football. Many of the football players tend to be told rude remarks that should never be told to anyone and are inhumane or morally incorrect. It is something that has happened since this sport came to a start and has not been able to be taken care of. Unfortunately these black football players are already used to these unsatisfying remarks and just go right along playing the game they love.

Steven Bradbury and John Williams give one example about a 2004 game in which the coach is the one being racist toward the opposing team’s player. It reads, “while preparing for a friendly international football match between Spain and England in Madrid on 17 November, the sixty-nine year old Spanish team coach, Luis Aragones, was captured on Spanish television during training trying to ‘motivate’ his young striker Jose´ Antonio Reyes by urgently insisting to the Spaniard that he was even a better player…Henry was no more than a negro de mierda, a ‘black shit’ (Bradbury and Williams 62). This just goes to show that some people are just so inconsiderate and tend to do all things that are morally incorrect. Not one person should have to be told something of that sort, so vulgar and disrespectful.

It is heartbreaking to know that the people one thinks, police officers, should be stopping this are the ones who just add “fuel to the fire”. In that same game between Spain and England, officials joined in on a racial chant where they would bob their heads and say “Whoever doesn’t bounce is fucking black” (Bradbury and Williams 62). They don’t stop to think that maybe this could be killing the player deep down inside. In what is now known as new football, New Labours came about where “[they] will implement a range of specific measures aimed at improving all aspects of football”...
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