Racism Encouraged Through the Media

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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Racism encouranged through the media

The problem. We’ve all come across it, we’ve all heard about it, we’ve all talked about changing it for the better. Racism. It is known that forty per cent of Australia’s population are immigrants from around two hundred different countries. On the ‘Come to Australia’ website, a website designed to encourage immigrants, it claims that “Australians’ value the wealth of cultural diversity and the social sophistication that international immigrants bring to our communities.” However, I have seen otherwise and this type of discrimination in such a ‘tolerant’ society is unacceptable.

According to Dr. Murray from the American Psychological Association, humans are not born racist, however with our nation’s growth in the media, young Australians learn quickly. The media creates images which form simple yet debauched generalisations of many different races. With over two million Australians who watch ‘news’ such as Today Tonight an A Current Affair, myself being one of them, I have noticed the increasing number of reports about the ‘Asian Invasion’, ‘Chinese taking over Australia’s real estate’ and ‘Indian kids, stealing our children’s future’. Reports such as these, not only attack innocent migrants, they also promote a misleading image of certain nationalities. These are not the acts of a multicultural society. These are acts of a supposedly multicultural society fuelled but he secret dislike of all that is foreign. This should not be the type of behaviour that we should condone in society.

As proud Australians, we cannot look over such mutinous reports that wreck the image of our multicultural trademark. On the 6th of April, Current Affair broadcasted ‘Foreign prop investors, watch how our Governments are stealing out the country from underneath our feet’, a report stating that Australians, I quote, “are not as wealthy as some foreigners, therefore not having a fair go”. What the media has done in this case is position the...
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