Racism During World War Ii

Topics: Racism, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 2, 2013
“To scores of millions of participants, the war was a race war. It exposed raw prejudices and was fueled by racial pride arrogance, and rage on many sides.” From start to finish, it is apparent that the Second World War was centered on a racial induced feud. This was not one neither sided nor neglected from either side of fighting. Race played a huge role in World War II even by the Americans. The concept of race had an enormous impact on the conduct of World War II. According to John Dower, in War without Mercy, racial stereotypes, ideas of racial superiority and inferiority permeated both the Axis and Allied powers. Through a chronological approach, we can view how the Germans, Japanese, and the Americans were all infected by race, during World War II.

Bergin paints a picture very clearly of the evidence that shows how racial influence and the selection of race and space developed. The coined phrase “Race and Space was the pivotal centerpiece of Hitler’s campaign. World War II was initiated by the invasion of Poland and the unity between the Russians and Germans. This had to take place in order for Hitler’s superior race to gain control and to eradicate those who were racially denounced as unworthy and unable to obtain any kind of public status. If we define Race we it can be of any gender or sexual preference and any color or nationality. Therefore throughout the German campaign from start to finish it was centrally devoted to promoting the race chosen by Hitler and the Nazi Regime.

The Nazi rise to power and the beginning of a racial war in Germany would begin in 1933. The Nazi ideology of race and space was broadcasted and it erupted into a racial purification set in motion by Hitler. Negativity and specific targeting of different racial groups was how Hitler made genocide possible. One simply can’t cause the Holocaust but by being specific in choosing who to target, the power of charisma, and giving the people what they want can create a living hell...
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