Racism During the Depression

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Racism during the Depression

Describe how racism seems to have been a factor in how people fared during the Depression. Racism has had an effect in almost every episode in American history, including today. However, during the depression of the 1930’s there was no question of racism, not only that it existed, but also it was openly practice. Blacks and other minorities were struggling in their effort to compete for jobs and social programs that were in place to help the people who were having a tough time finding work and putting food on the table for their families. There were times when violence erupted against blacks to the extent that they (blacks) lost any hope of any social and economic gains. Whites were so against blacks getting jobs because they thought Blacks should not be on the same level as Whites. By being denied equal opportunities to be able to get jobs and to be able to receive help from social programs, blacks begin to fight back in order to achieve some form of dignity. Blacks suffered considerable more when whites begin to take jobs that were traditionally held for blacks only. The type of jobs whites considered beneath their dignity became a commodity to them. In my opinion, racism is still as great a factor in people’s economic success today. Although, the American economy has grown steadily since the days of the depression but Blacks in America are still struggling and lagging well behind their whites counterparts. The growth in the number of Blacks achieving educational success, gaining job status in such areas of school professors, doctors, lawyers, key military position, CEOs, and a host of other promising positions that has brought about a significant change in the economic status of Blacks in America. In spite of all accomplishments, racism is still lurking in one of the covert ways than one can imagine. It is almost like yes, my Black brother and sister, you have made progress, but I will not allow you to be achieving the same...
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