Racism and Prejudice

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, White American Pages: 4 (1547 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Martinsburg 1 Martinsburg: The Communities Racial Issues Aaliyah Gray Axia College of University of Phoenix Martinsburg 2 Racist and prejudice are said to be decreasing in the cities and states of the United States. Supposedly, there is said to be a small number of people in the city of Martinsburg, WV who express any racist or prejudice at all; unfortunately, this is a misconception. Despite the small size and population of this city, Martinsburg is home to a good number of citizens who continually express their dislike of those who are different. The majority of the hate (racism and prejudice) are targeted towards the minority groups. This hatred appears to be more so among the elderly members in Martinsburg then the younger generations; and in Martinsburg at this point in time the majority of the people are older (elderly). I am from a community that is mainly Caucasian. Being that I am a mix of races (Caucasian, African American, and Native American) it is safe to say that not too many of the members in my community look like me; in fact, most of the time my community members question my race. There are very few members of my community that claim more than one race. According to statistics 91.59% of the population in Martinsburg is white, 5.62% are black, 1.01% is Asian, 0.35% is Native American, and 1.85% claim other, while 1.18% claim Hispanic ethnicity. (Sperling’s, 2007). Usually those of us that claim other races all have different looks and features depending on the combination of races that are attributed to our make-up. In my community the leaders do not really seem very concerned about the minorities. Unfortunately, there is no proof of these leaders discriminate against the minorities, but there is no proof that the leaders are doing a lot for the minority groups. The leaders tend to focus their attention on the numbers and the numbers are high within the Caucasian race. As for the treatment of the people who look like me or...
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