Racism and Discrimmination

Topics: Black people, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Racism and Discrimination
Lateaque Jackson


J. Fields

Cause and Effect


We live in a world where discrimination is accepted and being racist will never be rejected. I believe that discrimination makes up the world that we live in, and by me being African American it takes me to hidden places where I’m caved in. Discrimination goes farther than my race, it more about my life, my hopes my dreams and fate. Being an African American isn’t simple in this world. Some people think different but, I am confident that I and others can tell you this is true. The things we’ve been through will never change; our history will forever be with us. There may be other races out there such as Hispanic and Asians and European but, I believe that no race can compare to what us blacks have gone through. I believe that the cause of discrimination is racism. For centuries my race has been: hated, doubted, envied, looked down upon, and beaten, just because of the color of their skin. From all that at this young and growing age I’ve learned in life, I came to conclusion that, Slavery is the reason for every racist remark that been thrown at me. My race is a race that has a great effect on the world, we were so great that the white man felt inferior to us and enslaved us. We were thrown around as trash, whipped until our skins fell off. Families were separated from each other and their heritage was lost. Growing up as a child in South Jersey, racism is still a factor. I was always unable to do things non-black kids did. It’s been over 4 generations and racism still exists. Just as I was taught to be respectful in life, people were taught to be racists. Since I’ve been in high school and up to college I have met a lot of kids who were taught to be racists. Just as its mine history it’s theirs as well. My grandparents lived through the civil rights movement; they felt the pain of being black. They have shared many stories with me and my sibling...
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