Racism and Discrimination

Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 8 (3474 words) Published: May 27, 2013
My overall experience taking the class Black American Studies 215 was not what I had expected. I was thinking that maybe we would review what African Americans had a huge impact on the way life is lived today by black Americans. But instead we went over a lot on how African Americans today live their lives already. I learned a lot that I didn't know about before I had taken this course. It made me wake up and realize how important the history of the black American is to them. Not only the ancestry of the African had an impact to them but the movement of the people from Africa to America for use as slaves did also. If it weren't for the white man to take control of the “minority” in the past, then the problems that exist today wouldn't be as strong. In my opinion, the fact that racism exists today is only because what has happened before in the past, and has to be left in the past. Basically the view on the blacks has had a huge bad label throughout the years and it is up to today's American parents to solve the problem of the future. This class has taught me to look at things differently and put myself in their shoes. What if my family past was violated with and abused? What if my parent's parents were involved with the abuse of slavery and punishment? Would I be set aside and treated differently because of the way that many of the people with my race act on the street? Would I be looked at in a different way because I was raised to dislike the “others” because of what they had done to my past ancestors? Would I be set ahead on death row because of the color of my skin or hair? What if the slaves were my race and were treated exactly how African Americans were treated in the early days? What if racism and slavery existed for the Mexican population today? All these questions have to be asked by all others of different races and those of different races have to be put to walk in the shoes of the black past. This is histories result being suffered and questioned in today's societies. The sad thing about this is that racism is not only found in America. Racism has been spread across the world throughout the years and has to be stopped. Not only one race changing their racial views is going to change the rest of the racial views of other races. All races should explore others thoughts feelings and beliefs, to coincide with other races and learn to except the fact that people aren't always going to be like their specific race.

There are many different meanings to the word or term racism. Racism is the thought or belief that one race is better than another; it is a discriminating act towards someone because of his or her skin-color. There is a difference between being racist and being prejudice, but many people still do not understand the contrasting concepts or ideas of the two. Prejudice and racism are somewhat alike, but slightly different. Being prejudice is when one thinks that a race is better than another one. Some people might not think that they are prejudice, but they are. Being prejudice can also be defined as; not accepting anyone because they are handicap, you do not like the way that they dress, because they are fat or obese, because of their gender or sex preference. All of these are forms of being prejudice. Everyone has at least one type of prejudice. As Webster defines it, prejudice is “a biased opinion based on emotion rather than reason; bias against a race, group, or creed” (Webster). Racism is one of the major issues and conflicts that all Americans face in our world today, and will always be, unless something is done about it. Families have to figure out a way to socialize their kids with different races. Multicultural schools are a good way to get kids through that racial view. The kids can learn at an early age that everyone around them is not different than them; it's just their skin color. Also that there is no difference between them, they are all the same, and with them being kids they will have the...
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