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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Racism has always been a very interesting research topic for me. I always wondering what really cause people to judge each other’s race, or hating each other because the different races between people. Many sociologic scientists (including my own sociology professor) believe that racism is something we understand and learn thought to our parent or the environment, but from my point of view racism is born naturally and the society made it worst.

First, let prove that my professor is wrong. Imagine if racism really is not a nature born “idea”, then must be someone or something created it. Here come the question, who in the world can possible be to bring out such “idea” in to our human society? There only two possible answers for this question, God or the human being, but either way racism can’t just come out from nowhere and create impact in our human society. In the detail how does racism affect us, see the coming up paragraphs.

I been working in a daycare for more than 3 years, beside take care the baby I also learn and study them. In these years I found out human in the age between 1.5 – 3 years old has the most amazing changing in their mind and body. This age babies start understanding by imitating other. They begin to realize the different between male and female, define friend and enemy. For example, during free a playing hour the boys and girls will play separately as group, During the game different nation of babies would often join together as team in their own nation (in here I mean the nations of Asian and American).
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