Racial Stereotyping

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Racial Stereotypes
Have you ever been the target of a good humored joke because of your ethnicity? Racial stereotypes often are the cause of such an occurrence, and most of us have been at the receiving end at some point of time or the other. In this article, we try to understand these stereotypes better and take a look at the most common stereotypes that exist. What is an ethnic stereotype? Racial stereotypes or ethnic stereotypes are a representation of a group of a certain ethnicity or race in a generalized manner, portraying all members to display certain typical characteristics. Stereotypes are more often than not considered negative, though there do exist positive stereotypes. This racial stereotyping is often the root of many jokes. Stereotyping someone generally indicates that the person has all the traits that members of the race are known to possess. The biggest problem that arises out of this kind of stereotyping is that it creates prejudice which can be the root cause of racial discrimination. As mentioned earlier, stereotypes generally tend to be negative but there do exist positive stereotypes as well. For example, Native Americans are often portrayed in the media as spiritual, wise, faithful, and having a keen interest in saving the environment. There are many studies that have been conducted regarding ethnic stereotypes but one of the most famous ones was conducted by Katz and Braly in 1933, which reached the conclusion that most people held negative stereotypes and more often than not the stereotypes favor the race to which the holder of the stereotypes belongs. While most of us try and are successful at avoiding these stereotypes, we are bombarded by these stereotypes so often that we are unable to keep them out of our system. Therefore, we often notice the existence of ethnic stereotypes in the workplace and otherwise. List of Racial Stereotypes

There is no denying the fact that these stereotypes are more often than not ingrained in our...
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