Racial Stereotypes and How They Affect Everyday Life

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, African American, Racism Pages: 4 (1819 words) Published: March 5, 2007
In society today being a man means very little, as each and every man strives to find their individuality. In past generations manhood was easily defined because of a status quo. However, this concept of what our elders used to consider as being a man has been so distorted in society eyes because of many personal options that have affected our everyday life. To each man who seeks their individuality manhood has taken on complex attributes and no large groups of people believe or will stand for the same things. Therefore I believe that being a man means that I must not only have my own opinions, but also be willing to stand up for them and stand by them through thick and thin. I guess one could sum it up by saying that I am defined by my morals and what I believe to be right and not what society believes to be acceptable.

With that being said there are still a few things that most men have in common solely because of what is considered as male ego. Although we are now in the 21st century and women are now more independent and successful than they have ever been, men are still considered as being the bead winner of the family, or preferably the one who makes the most money. Unfortunately this is a stereotype is perpetuated by men more than women. This stereotype is the one thing most men have in common with each other as well as our elders. For many men, not fulfilling this requirement means that their wives may make more money than them. Unfortunately, this can be the cause of many marital problems because the man may feel inferior to his wife or the wife may feel superior to the husband. As sophisticated as we may claim to be in this day and age, many men are still troubled by this dilemma, despite their educational or ethnic background. It is rather difficult to explain why this cycle is perpetuated, but how it is perpetuated is somewhat common knowledge. In a sense one could say this cycle is perpetuated because of the fact that men are driven by their ego....
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