Racial Profiling and African American Males

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  • Published : September 4, 2008
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Racism is a topic that most people refuse to discuss. Some would rather believe that racism is a thing of the past and that it does not exist in today’s society. The truth of the matter is that racism has and probably will always exist in this country. Many people have heard the term “racial profiling,” or the phase “driving why black.” For many African Americans racial profiling is a form of racism. Racial profiling is also a reality most African Americans will face daily. African American males learn all too quickly or early on in life that they might be subjected to be harassed by law enforcement not because they did anything wrong, but because of the color of their skin. What is racial profiling? According to Piquero and Reitzel (2006) racial profiling is the alleged law enforcement practice of using skin color as a pretext to stop, question, or search minorities. Anytime people are stop unjustifiable because their skin color is not white that is nothing other than blatant racism at it worse.

Race relations among the African American communities and law enforcements have far too long been a relationship of distrust. African Americans have always believed that they were target of racism which meant that they were often mistreated, harassed, and often arrested because of their skin color. After slavery and still today in many communities, African Americans males are still being preyed upon and treated unfairly by a good deal of law enforcements. Things have improved since racial profiling was brought to the public eye not so many years ago, and since data was composed to see if racial profiling existed. For many years the African American community especially black males has been crying out for help due to the unfair treatment and harassment they often received for no apparent reason other than being a black male. Even though there were numerous complaints from African American Leaders and the communities regarding police brutality, harassment, and unjustifiable false arrest, the government did nothing. Even after decades of complaining and public outcry from African Americans the government still allowed these types of tactics to exist without any intervention.

Statistics shows that African American males are more likely to be stopped, harassed, search, and arrested more than any other minorities groups and especially more so than whites. African American males in their teens and early twenties are also more likely to be the target of police harassment and police brutality than any other race (Piquero & Reitzel, 2006). Not all African Americans have distrust for the law enforcements. Some gladly welcome their presence into their communities and are glad to assist them in anyway possible. For a great deal of African American males their encounters with law enforcement have not always been a positive experiment. Many believed that they are the target of nothing other than racism. That believes that they are single out only because their skin color happens to be black.

When discussing the issue of racial profiling with males family members and friends earlier up in the week, they all shared their experiment and views regarding the issue. They all recall an era in their life where they themselves have been victims of racial profiling or driving while black. One expressed that he was pull over when he was leaving a friend house that happen to be white. The police told him the reason he was pulled over was because he was in the wrong neighborhood and wanted to know why he was there. Another one said that him and some friends was leaving a basketball tournament and was pulled over, and the policemen told them how they looked suspicious and wanted to know where they was coming from and where they going. Another one was pulled over because he was in a luxury car and the policeman believed that the car might have been stolen. These men lived in different cities, but they all had one thing in which were being victims of...
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