racial profiling

Topics: African American, Race and Ethnicity, Police Pages: 11 (3033 words) Published: May 18, 2015
What’s the impact of racial profiling against African
American in the American society?
Cheng Jie LIU
Heal 10A


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I. Introduction Paragraph
A. A 12-year-old African American boy was shot just because he was playing with a toy gun.
B. This may seem ridiculous, but it did happen and continues to be a problem. C. racial profiling has been a long term issue in the American society, and continues to be an ongoing issue is even into the 2000’s because there are s t i l l unreasonable shootings of African American.

II. As disadvantaged group in the American society, African Americans have suffered a lot from unequal treatment since a long time ago.
A. On one hand, the emergence of prejudices that general public had against African American from long before still have great impact till now. 1. We can say that black is the only group of people who come to the US with a race chain.

a. A large number of blacks were originally sold to the North American continent in the 1660s.
b. Virginia government made the trafficked African Americans become lifelong slaves and legalize the slavery.
2. Although President Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamation to abolish slavery in 1862, White people still treat African Americans as inferiors(Yunxia, 2006).
a. In White people’s view, compared with their white-skinned lineage, the black-colored skin represents dirty and evil.
b. The Americans was the first who used color to differentiate between good and bad race.
i. According to the American sociologist statistics and
surveys in the Mid-20th century, very few white people
who was born in the US thought that blacks could be
treated equally in their society.
ii. This thought is ingrained and is difficult to change.
That’s why the racial discrimination against blacks is
still a very serious issue till now
B. On the other hand, the policy that the US government made toward black people lowered the social status of blacks and aggravated racial discrimination. 1. The early regulations and policies have great influence on this racial profiling.

a. the United States Supreme Court rejected the decree to
eliminate racial discrimination in 1883.
b. In 1896, federal supreme court announced ‘Separate but
equal’ (United States constitutional law)
c. This law was abolished in the Mid-20th century, but all those changes of the law towards blacks had impacted on them.
2. After Civil Rights Movement, implicit bias gradually emerge. a. American governments actively promulgated a new series of policies after the 1960s. For example, affirmative action policies refers to put an end to racial discrimination of blacks.


b. Actually, unfair treatment did not reduce and they still had to suffer in silence
III. In today's American society, there’s legal protection for the rights of blacks, but unequal events against blacks still occur in local region.
A. The first case shows this kind of racial profiling is the shooting of a 18- y e a r old boy named Michael Brown. 1. He was shot and killed in clashes with the police.
a. A witness, Michael Brown's friend said Michael did not have weapons, police shot him when his hands were in the air. Thus, They believed that the shooting is unreasonable and unfair
because of their bias based on racial discrimination against blacks
b. Local police did not agree with the above statement and they held the view that Michael Brown was not an innocent victim. and police physical aggression, competing police weapons.
i. They said that they were trying to come out from the
car, but Michael pushed them to stop them get out of
the car.
ii.Even worse, Michael was trying to attack on the police
for police weapons.
c. Ferguson said the cars were not with monitoring equipment, but they would seek to find out the truth in order to preserve social security...
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