Racial Profiling

Topics: Police, Crime, Law Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Emmanuel Cereno
Period 3
Racial Profiling Threatens our Nation
Racial profiling will result in an increase on the severity that already exists today. Hispanic and African-American youth are being strictly stereotyped and profiled nowadays. I believe that racial profiling is a danger to the nation because it threatens the idea of equality in the society, and should come to a stop.

The idea of racial profiling is completely immoral, and should not be tolerated. It is also obvious that it is in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment because it states that “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property”. therefore, racial profiling is unconstitutional. The law promises the equality of everyone. Law enforcement officials should not be allowed to practice this act. The continuation of racial profiling will promote racial prejudice.

Individuals, blacks or Hispanics in this case, are often profiled by police officers because they are more likely to commit crimes. In Herbert’s article, “Hounding the innocent”, he states that “the vast majority of the people arrested… African-American or Hispanic” (2). Are these convicted minorities truly committing crimes, or are they being targeted? We should not allow police to abuse their authority over the innocent. They have a duty to serve and protect the community.

Racial profiling will not decrease crime rates, but can rather increase the activity in crime rates because it has potent for the criminal justice system. It is proven to be ineffective and it contradicts our Constitutional quality. In the article, “Racial Profiling And It’s Apologists”, Time Wise informs that “whites over the age of 30… compromise 60 percent of all heavy drug users in the state” (3). Racial profiling tends to only target the innocent. Knowing that white people commit more crimes than people of color, law agencies that depend on the statistics of people of color can backfire and increase crime.

If law...
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