Racial Profiling

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Debate the pros and cons of all options and decide what you would do. One thing to consider is whether someone who holds negative attitudes against a group of people is likely to translate them into his or her behavior. Racial profiling refers to the practice of substituting skin color for evidence as grounds for suspicion. Too often in the society today we use this tool as a method of finding our criminals out there. But is this tool an effective one? Although there are two sides to the coin, the cons of racial profiling in my opinion out number that of the pros. I stand strongly opposing discrimination against others because of their race. Racial profiling may result in authority interrogating the wrong person, results in embarrassment and humiliation on the victim’s side and also does it lowers people’s self-esteem. Is because of my skin colour I am always stopped at the airport to be searched a thousand times? Racial profiling allows the authorities at always to interrogate the wrong people at given times. Too often we see cases where an individual being searched because of their skin colour or culture. The excuse to such behavior is that people are suspects and they are doing it to increase public safety. But don’t you take into consideration the rights of civilian? A perfect or most common example of this could be that of stopping citizens who appear to be out of place, such as an African American in a predominantly white neighborhood or a white in a predominantly African American neighborhood. That is just vivid interrogation and people African American just cannot live their lives in peace. Hey you black guy pull over! How embarrassing. Out of all the drivers on the road why it is the Hispanic man or woman’s vehicle the police chooses to inspect? Apparently it is a target whenever they get out there in the streets. Not because one person from a particular race has done something unlawful means that the entire race is corrupted and will get involved....
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