Racial Profiling

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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Racial Profiling
By: Lakesha London

Could you imagine if you were label as a terrorist because of what you wear, skin tone, what race you are or what countries you are from? But on the inside of you are just as scared as terrorist yourself. But for hundreds of years racial profiling have been going on, not because of when 911 occur. Being a person of color in America automatically put you a caterogy. In my essay I would talk about: racial profiling is a form of discrimination, who was the people who receive the most impact on racial profiling, and how the united states deal with racial profiling today. First, racial profiling is a form of discrimination by law enforcement agencies that have authority. They use a person race or ethnic background as the primary reason to harass an individual. Racial profiling is the most arrogant and ignorant thing that you could ever do to someone. The people who are most affected by racial profiling are minorities, but anyone can be a victim of racial profiling. Racial profiling still live strongly today is a problem that needs to be fixing soon as possible. We as people should be looking at other ethnic groups as beautiful human beings and punish the do one’s who have done wrong and not hold other accountable because of the race. Secondly, racial profiling took place century ago sad but so trues the most people who have experience racial profiling is African- American for years. In a recent study it stated that fifty-seven percent African – American people are more likely to be stop by police officer than white people. I remember as a kid that people would joke and say I better not drive at night, because you will get a ticket driving while black it’s sad but it was so true to a certain degree. People racial profile all African- American as drug dealers, thugs, thieves and not education species. There are so many stereotypes people label different ethnic groups as. Gays were discriminated against for many years as well....
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