Racial Prejudice and Discrimination Toward Latino by American

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  • Published : May 5, 2010
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There are many different ethnic groups that inhabit one country. It is possible for a country has only one ethnic group. It is also possible if a country has more than one ethnic group. This happened because besides the native themselves there are many new comers that comes to the country, such as the immigrant, and so does United States. United States or we usually call them as America has more than one ethnic group. There, we can find that at least five ethnic groups in United States, they are, European American, African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and Native American themselves. The ethnic disparity (ethnic class) which occurs in United States unfortunately make a racial prejudice and discrimination from the major ethnicity toward the minor one. According to Mandel (2009) prejudice is a person or a group’s belief or perception toward other people or other groups from different cultures which in their opinion have negative characteristics merely because of their color, religion or cultural background. She also stated that discrimination is a person or a group’s act using prejudice toward someone to refuse to work with them, hire them, socialize with them, fire them or act that imposed on someone because of a prejudicial opinion or perception. In some research, it is said that the white group (European American) is the major ethnic because of their economical status, their belief, and even because of their skin colors. Those aspects that take them in the highest position among other ethnicities in United States made them think that they are the strongest, more powerful, and the best ethnicity compares with the other. On the other side, the minority groups or the black group (African American) and yellow groups (Hispanic American, Asian American) sometimes feel like they are not being welcomed by the majority groups. These phenomena of ethnics’ disparity that causes racial prejudice are very interesting to...
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