Racial Integration

Topics: High school, Affirmative action, Desegregation busing in the United States Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Racial integration is a worthy goal, and busing is an easy means to achieving that goal. Busing is a plan for promoting school desegregation, by which minority students are transported to largely white schools and white students are brought to largely minority schools. It is intended to safeguard the Civil Rights of students and to provide equal opportunity in public education. Busing is also an example of affirmative action that is, the attempt to undo or compensate for the effects of past discrimination. Such action is sometimes called compensatory justice. In many instances, neighborhood schools remain the default option, meaning that students have a right to attend their neighborhood school. Race is taken into account only when students seek to attend a school outside of their neighborhood or a specialized school not linked to a particular residential area. These plans are thus relatively mild by comparison to the “forced busing” ordered by courts in desegregation cases. Nonetheless, these and other types of plans remain controversial. Part of the controversy, not surprisingly, is political. Race and public schools remain an explosive mixture, and some see desegregation as a failed experiment that need not be repeated. •Busing causes white flight – where white families move their children from public city schools to private and suburban institutions. A large portion of the contemporary white flight research looks at the nationwide trends (Betts & Fairlie, 2003; Clotfelter, 2001; Fairlie & Resch, 2002; Li, 2009; Sohoni & Saporito, 2009). Each of these authors finds that, on average, an increasing proportion of racial minority students in public schools is associated with a higher proportion of Whites attending private schools. However, these nationwide studies of metro areas may be exaggerating the contemporary prevalence of patterns of white flight because they focus on flight from the central city to the suburbs. An overlooked part of the ‘white...
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