Racial Diversity

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Racial Diversity: Historical Worksheet

Answer the following questions in 100 to 250 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

• Throughout most of U.S. history, in most locations, what race has been in the majority? What is the common ancestral background of most members of this group?

Throughout mos of U.S. history whit non-Hispanics have been the majority in most locations. Chapter 1 table 1.1 states that white non-hispanics are 63 percent of the population. Although in recent year this has changed to include Hispanics. The majority of the more than 300 million people currently living in the US is the White Race, This is the case in 49 of the fifty states with the exception of hawiie. White race” which include both Hispanic Americans and Non Hispanic Americans. The Hispanic Americans hold the highest portion of the population in the Midwest of the United States. The Non-Hispanic that make about 79 percent of our population.” The common ancestry are from Europe and the the Middle East. That came to north America and homesteaded here learning from the natives.

• What are some of the larger racial minorities in U.S. history? What have been the common ancestral backgrounds of each of these groups? When did each become a significant or notable minority group?

Some of the larger racial minorities in U.S. history are Hispanics and African Americans. Hispanics who generaly have ancestory from Mexico. And African Americans who have ancestory from Africa and the carribean.

• In what ways have laws been used to enforce discrimination? Provide examples. These laws were intended against which racial minorities?

• In what ways have laws been used to eliminate discrimination? Provide examples. Did the laws work to eliminate discrimination?
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