Racial Discrimination of Migrants & Racial Hate Crimes in Spain and the U.S.

Topics: Racism, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 11 (3875 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Name: Christian Gualotuña
Date: 29-03-2013
Course: AD 2.
Racial Discrimination of migrants & racial hate crimes in Spain and in the USA

A social problem that affects to people who travel to other countries looking for a job to support their families owing to the bad economic situation of our country or because of they are going to another country to study and they receive maltreat ment owing to their skin color, the law prohibits discrimination in respect of any aspect of employment, hiring, firing, salary, job assignments, promotions, dismissals, training, social benefits, and any other term. One of the main obstacles to the integration of migrants and their equitable access to human rights in host societies are the deep-seated feelings that exist against immigrants and discriminatory practices. These feelings and practices are often reinforced by the laws, regulations, and policies to restrict migration flows, which is evident with the growing trend of criminalizing the irregular migration. Racial discrimination is a set of behaviors, actions and attitudes; voluntary, repeated, negative and culturally conditioned group over another, which is considered inferior by reasons, political, religious, racial, ethnic, cultural or gender identity, among others. In the centuries 17 arrived thousands of Africans to North America which were used as slaves in the crop, cotton industries, and so on after the second world war the black population rose up and fought for their civil rights in order to have a better life. However, today in day both migrants as people of color are still being discriminated against black around the world, either because they have more money than others or because someone else is more handsome than another, even by the way they dress or way of thinking. The economic crisis in the country occurs due to lack of employment, closure of factories that derive from internal conflicts, which add to the already complex problems of coexistence and subsistence a considerable emotional burden of difficult management "little control". Because of the lack of jobs the Ecuadorians are forced to leave the country leaving the broken homes this social phenomenon occurs due to many causes and the results very alarming. Racial discrimination is the social practice of racism. This mode is the practical way, how is culturally institutionalized racism. Racial discrimination is exercised by all those people and institutions that are placed from the perspective of the dominant racial group white and defending their interests and the way they organize human relations among the people to perpetuate white supremacy. Racial discrimination then passes from the jokes "well intentioned" for up to the socio-economic policies that place people of certain racial and ethnic group in a condition of political marginalization and poverty , without the corresponding channels for that collectively can get out of this condition, but also racial discrimination is the way in which they despise and understimate the organization cultural, social and religious of a particular racial group , as is the case of afro-descendants. Now that your culture is measured from the western culture - white - that becomes the prototype of culture. It is evident then that racial discrimination may have obvious manifestations or overlapping and that similarly what you are trying to hold is a racist structure of power and relations. Racial discrimination is a social reality, economic, cultural and policy that is manifested through the length and breadth of the American continent, its eradication implies a structural change in the prevailing model of development and the predominant culture. Racism as an ideology and doctrine then creates a series of values that transcend the physical differences and impose a model or form of social organization from the history, education, religion and all the institutions of social organization, guaranteeing in this way the...
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