Racial Discrimination

Topics: White people, Black people, Racism Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Research topic: Does racial discrimination cause poverty among black people in America?
The scene of ghettosThe with poor living conditions of the ghettos in whichwhere black people live is not uncommon., Iit actually manifests a larger picture of racial discrimination which is closely related to poverty. Racial discrimination is about the pre-conceived notion that black people are inferior; they are more prone to violence and totally relianty on social welfare to survive. As a result of these stereotypical images, black people receive low quality education and they will have less job opportunities, not to mention the limited access to the welfare system. In this essay, we shall discuss whether racial discrimination causes poverty among this minority community in America.

Racial discrimination undoubtedly appears in the education system in AmericaAmerica’s education system, as Gordon, Piana and Keleher (2000) points out that the public schools in America failed to provide the same quality education for the blacks compared to the whites. In minority schools where African American and Latino are concentratedthere is a concentration of African-Americans and Latinos, there are limited resources and professionally trained teachers for students., Tthis phenomenon conveys that resources are unevenly distributed among schools as a result of racism. Besides resources and quality of teachers, there is a higher rate of suspension and expulsion for black people, as suggested in the search by Applied Research Center for Expose Racism and Advance School Excellence, suspension and expulsion rate is three times higher for African AmericanAfrican-Americans, with the rate of 56% compared to 18% of general school population. This may be due to the unfairness in treating the treatment of black people in the case of zero-tolerance policies such as the Gun-Free School Act (GFSA) enacted in 1994. It is important to note that schools expel African AmericanAfrican-American students...
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