Racial Discrimination

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Grand Theft Auto has been on the market since 1998 and since then 30 million copies have been sold (A Guide For College and Beyond, 2010, p. 494). After reading the article, The Color of Mayhem by Michael Marriot, I found out that over the years issues of this and many other video games have risen dramatically. Racial stereotyping, discrimination, and violence were explained as the most looked at. Parents are suspecting kids are learning ways from the game they are playing. Is the video game actually giving kids the wrong image or is it all just for fun? The screen crackles with criminality as a gang of urban predators itch for a kill. The scene erupts into automatic-weapons fire in a drive-by nightmare of screaming car engines, senseless death, and destruction set to a thumping rap soundtrack. (The Color of Mayhem, 2004, pp.494-496) This is exactly how Michael Marriot describes the game Grand Theft Auto. He gives details like “partly set in city resembling gang-ridden stretches”, “aiming Uzi’s out of low riding cars” and many others (The Color of Mayhem, 2004, p. 294). His article gives factual information of this game, and gives the reader many other opinions. For example, Joe Morgan quotes, “A lot of young people are unable to discern between reality and satirical depictions”. Michael also tells the reader about the many other games with these same types of critical claims: 25 to life, Notorious: Die to Drive, NBA Ballers, and many others. He tells about the cultural and political sides talked about. He also leaves the reader with thoughts of their own opinion, not just telling them which side he’s on. In America, racial discrimination has never gone away, it’s just over looked more today. Video games, like Grand Theft Auto, are only making matters worse. The guys from the games are only Hispanic or African American. Their hair is braided, they wear scarves covering their faces, and they are also armed and ready to shoot anyone or anything that crosses their...