Racial Discrimination

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A Research Paper on Racial Discrimination

Racism takes many forms. In general, it is a belief that a particular race or ethnicity is inferior or superior to others. Racial discrimination involves any act where a person is treated unfairly or vilified because of their race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin. Racism may take the form of stereotyping, name calling or insults, commentary in the media, speeches at public assemblies and abuse on the internet. It can include directly or indirectly excluding people from accessing services, employment, education or sporting activities.

Racism can occur systemically, as the result of policies, conditions and practices that affect a broad group of people. For example, research shows that systemic racism can result in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students experiencing poorer outcomes in education, or job applicants without Anglo-Saxon names finding it difficult to gain job interviews. Just as other forms of discrimination may relate to a number of attributes, so does the experience of racism. For example, racism may compound the experience of discrimination of a woman, who is treated less favorably on the basis of her religion and her gender, or an older person, who is discriminated against on the basis of their skin color and their age.

In its most serious manifestation, racism is demonstrated in behaviors and activities that embody race hate, abuse and violence – particularly experienced by groups who are visibly different because of their cultural or religious dress, their skin color or their physical appearance. Ultimately, racism is a tool to gain and maintain power. It is also inextricably linked with socio-economic factors, and frequently reflects underlying inequalities in a society.

The impact or racism is becoming a major problem in our society today. Racism is a system in which a group of people practice violent acts and power over others on the foundation of their skin color and racial inheritance. Despite the consequences of who discriminates, why is it done and how it is practiced and defended, what has remained true is that racism promotes power, recognition, advantages, and opportunity for some people at the expense of others. Most people today have experienced racism in their lives. They may experience it while they are at school, in the neighborhood, shopping in the mall, dining in a restaurant, and at work. Racism takes place anywhere and everywhere. Racism may even change the way an individual may feel about themselves and marks a deep scar in their life and may take a while to heal.

There are three types of racism in the workplace. First type of racism in the workplace is racial discrimination. Second type is color discrimination, and lastly the discrimination of language.

The first type of racism in the workplace is racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is present when people are treated in a different way than others who are equally situated because they are part of a particular race and unchangeable characteristics, such as physical features, native to their race. In employment it can happen when employees are treated differently than other employees equally situated because of their interracial dating or marriages, culturally oriented expression of attitudes and beliefs, and members in racially oriented groups. An example of race discrimination is when you didn’t get a job because you were told you wouldn’t fit in to the workplace because of your race, you’ve been rejected service or treated incorrectly in a shop or hotel, or you’ve been separated out for filthy jobs because of your race.

The next type of racism in workplace is color discrimination. Color discrimination is present when individuals are treated differently than others who are equally situated because of the color of their skin. This is a separately identifiable type of discrimination that can also occur in conjunction...
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