Racial Conflicts

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Black people Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Throughout the years racial conflicts have always been a part of society. The Chicago race riot of 1919 was a major racial conflict that took place throughout the nation. This is event began on July 27, 1919 in the city of Chicago. It lasted several days, and took 6,000 National Guard troops in order to end the violence on July 30, 1919 (Tuttle). The Chicago race riot was a result of several factors. For instance, economic differences, social and political issues, and racial tensions between blacks and whites these were all key factors that trigger the bloody event “Red Summer.” This incident only made matters worse and difficult to improve the race relations in the long run. On July 27, 1919, a young African American boy named Eugene Williams swam past a popular public beach on Lake Michigan, in Chicago. He was stoned by several white men, knocked unconscious and drowned. His death was the incident that set off the bloodiest riot in Chicago’s history. When the local police were called to the scene, they refused to arrest the white man allegedly responsible. Rumors began to run throughout the city, this triggered the fight between gangs of African Americans and whites. Violence spread throughout the city, causing ,Over 23 blacks and 15 whites were killed, 500 more were injured and 1,000 blacks were left homeless (Shogan 96). The Chicago race riots of 1919 played an important role in history for the reason that it shocked and divided many Americans. This incident proved how the police did little to stop the racial discrimination that was been done against African Americans, which only enraged the black population. Not only that but it also angered many whites who wanted to keep controlling the African American community. This incident caused African Americans to stand up and fight for equality. Unfortunately, this incident only caused the violence to increase racial discrimination against blacks rather then aiding them in moving toward equality.

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