Racial Bias Police Stops

Topics: Police, Constable, Police officer Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Ridgeway, G. & MacDonald, J. M. (2009). Doubly robust internal benchmarking and false               discovery rates for detecting racial bias in police stops. American Statistical               Association, 104(486), 661-668.

As the director of the Center on Quality Policing and assistant professor for the department of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania, the authors of this article believe that through three methodologies of research, problem police officers can be flagged so that the issue of racial profiling can be addressed more appropriately.  Ridgeway and MacDonald present data recovered from various studies which suggest that there is a problem of racially biased policing in many communities.  With these efforts of research, departments can find liability risks like problems officers to prevent incidents before they happen. The authors explain methods of data collection and how they can be positively used to prevent further problems concerning racial profiling.     

Pickerill, M. J. & Mosher, C. (2009). Search and seizure, racial profiling, and traffic stops: A
disparate impact framework. Law & Policy, 31(1), 11-30.

With a Ph.D in Political Science and a M.A, these two authors believe that the race of a person does not always have to be the deciding factor in search and seizures performed by the police. They begin by assessing whether or not police officers intentionally choose to search racial minorities over whites by analyzing data collected from every traffic stop made in the Washington D.C. area. What makes this article unique is that the authors write figure out when and why searches were conducted because in most studies of racial profiling these factors are often ignored.

Antonovics, K. & Knight, B. G. (2009). A new look at racial profiling: Evidence from the
Boston police department. Review of Economics and Statistics, 91(1), 163-177.

With a Ph.D from Brown and the associate Professor of Econmics and Public...
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