Rachel Louise Carson

Topics: Rachel Carson, Environmentalism, DDT Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Stephen Jun Yeop Han
Biology 9
Alexandra Tower
19 March, 2013
Who is Rachel Carson?
I cannot fully express this excitement in words that I am assigned to research Rachel Louise Carson for my “Who’s who” assignment. I have had a chance to briefly go over her book “Silent Spring” when I have taken biology class back in high school, therefore it was thrilling in a way that I could feel more attached to this assignment than others would be. It is amazing at the same time because her passion and dedication to environment are overwhelming. Rachel Louise Carson was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania on 27th of May, 1907. She spent her entire childhood in Pennsylvania farm, which greatly allowed her interest to be exposed to the nature and wildlife. She started pursuing her environmental-related career as she started studying Marine biology in Pennsylvania College for Women in 1925 and continued studies in Johns Hopkins University. She also taught at the University of Maryland for years and joined the United State Fish and Wildlife Service. Her talented writing skill was first recognized with publication of her first book “Under the Sea-Wind.” She also published “The Sea around Us” and “Silent Spring” but of all, “Silent Spring” is the most well-known piece. It comprehends and warns about the effects of pesticides not only to the wildlife, but us: human. It suggested agricultural purpose of releasing DDT (Dichloro-Diphenly-Trichloroethane) and other pesticides can be great threats. “Silent Spring” soon became the best seller in the States and it was so influential that it condemned the indiscriminate use of pesticides and DDT to be banned around the world. She died of cancer on 14th of April, 1964. Her fifty seven years long of life was fully dedicated to the wildlife and sustainability and she still is remembered as a remarkable American environmentalist.
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