Race: White People and Color Purple

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (923 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Race Reflection
What does race means? To me race means where we come from, the color of my skin, appearance and the beliefs I follow. Even though for many people is the skin color or the appearance of a person. Many of the minority races had being treated unequally in the United States since early colonization. Over time there has being an increase of Hispanics, Blacks and Asians, each one bringing new experiences to the country and changing it in a good way. I have learned in my choice unit books, that many people just see someone’s skin color to try to figure out how they are instead of their personality. Most of the characters in those books had experience racism, lack of education, and economic statue. Each of the main characters had different stories, and went through different hardships but there is one thing in common. They come from a different culture and a poor family. Racism is one of the main issues of this country since slavery was introduced to the colonies and so did I saw it in different book and films this year. As I notice while reading The Color Purple whites has most of the superiority and so did man of any race. Sofia a big girl who wasn’t afraid of anyone and always talked back when there was something she didn’t like. One time she met a white woman and asked her if Sofia will like to work as her maid. Sofia refused that offered and so the white woman’s husband asked her again and she refused again, so the man slapped her and so Sofia responded back. At the end she was sent to jail for hitting a white person and was sentenced to work on the white’s family house for many years. She couldn’t see her children for many years or any one from her family. This example shows how many whites have superiority over certain race. Before you didn’t have to be rich, to be superior, you just needed to be white in order to set the rules, vote, and to be free in a few days if there was a crime. In my history class I saw a documentary how an African...
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