Race Matters

Topics: African American, Suicide, Black people Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Leslie Ramirez

Jonathan Anderson

English 103A


Race Matters
As Cornel West talks about how African Americans are a target of nihilism. He believes that because of nihilism the suicide rate increased in the seventies, some got hope from community values and decided to move forward. Market value are not a better solution than community values, it can either destroy you are help you in the short run. Since decades passed, African Americans have succeeded and maybe because they “believed” they were targeted by nihilism maybe it helped them understand realism [in Plato’s point of view].

We can look at nihilism in two points of view, one that’s is in utter disappear, or second, as a mental structure to grow from your position. The passive nihilism is that there exists no reality and no truth; we are trapped within an illusion. It can be seen as us giving up on life, rejecting the world, regardless if it is ultimately real or not. The active nihilist sees nihilism as a sort of mental filter, that kills established values, to examine and re-create an interpretation of an idea that is closer to reality. Nihilism bypasses moral conventions to study ideas from a causal perspective (NIHIL). In The Allegory of the Cave, the Greek philosopher Plato spoke of humans trapped inside a cave, chained to a wall. Behind them was a burning fire that created shadows when things were moving in front of the light. These shadows were seen on the opposite wall of the prisoners were. Plato was said in his book that, “we as individuals create when we interpret physical reality. Words, ideas, and truths – these do not “exist” in the actual sense of the word, but are subjective creations that exist only within the mind of individuals. In order to use physical reality, we must create symbolic representations of it, in order to try to understand it.” What this means, in relation to realism and how we see physical reality, is that our internal, subjective world, and...
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